Where can we fly?

AEROBIS performs flights on the entire territory of the Republic of Moldova. An additional fee per every km will be charged for the flights performed in localities that are 30 and more km away from Chisinau.

White is the total duration of a flight session?

Each flight session lasts approximately 3 hours. During this time, we prepare the balloon for take-off, perform the actual flight, which lasts approximately 60 min (+/- 15 min) and we close the adventure with a traditional event for passengers, that takes place after landing.

How many persons can get into the basket?

Each of our balloons can take aboard a maximum number of 4 adult persons, with a maximum weight of 270 kg.

Which part of the day is better for the flight

Most of the time during the year, flights can be performed only in the morning, starting not later than 1,5 – 2 hours after sunrise, and in the evening, not earlier than 2-2,5 hours before the sunset. In winter flights can be also performed during the day.

Can children fly in a balloon?

Children are always welcome on board of our balloons, but ONLY accompanied by their parents. It is better if the child is at least 110 cm high, so that he/she can enjoy the view during the flight in the safest conditions.

Can pregnant women fly in the balloon?

Although the hot-air balloon is the safest transportation mean in the world, it is not recommended for pregnant women to get on board.

What distance is covered during the flight?

While flying, the speed of the hot-air balloon rarely exceeds 30-35 km/h, therefore the distance covered will be of up to 30 km. Most often we land in the radius of approximately 15-20 km.

How can I make a marriage proposal in the balloon?

AEROBIS has extensive experience in organizing special events. We know how to hide and then to take out at the right moment the ring or the flowers, and we will cooperate with you in order to make this moment unforgettable for both of you.

What are the behavior rules to be respected during the flight?

The pilot will communicate all the instructions before taking-off, and passengers will sign a document stating that they understand and will respect the given instructions. Persons who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and those whose health condition may be a threat for their life are not accepted on board.

What should we take with us when flying?

You may take your good mood, a device for taking photos/recording videos and an identity card. Backpacks, bags and big devices are not recommended on board.

How do we dress up for the flight?

In order to feel good during the flight, it may be appropriate for you to choose comfortable clothes and shoes. Jeans, a T-shirt or a sweater, flat shoes and a hat will be the most recommended items for an air-balloon flight. At the altitude we fly up to, the temperature varies by maximum 2 degrees Celsius from the one on land.

What are the most appropriate weather conditions for a balloon flight?

Weather conditions are extremely important for us. We can take off when the sky temperature varies between -20 and +40 degrees Celsius, with a wind speed of up to 3-4 m/sec, good visibility and lack of rainfall.

Is it possible to fly in winter?

Yes, we can also fly in winter. Winter flights have their particular magic. You should get ready for such a flight as if you were going for a walk in the park or sleighing. Tea, coffee and hot wine are on the house.

How safe is a hot-air balloon flight?

The hot-air balloon is currently considered to be the safest transportation mean. It is even safer than driving a car.

How high can we fly in the balloon?

Generally, in order to better enjoy the view, the longest part of the flight takes place at approximately 400-600 m altitude. At the request of our passengers, we can fly even higher than 1000 m, but only if the weather conditions allow us to do so.

What about transportation to/from the place of take-off/landing?

If you don’t have any permanent transportation means, we can get you in our car to/from the place of take-off/landing. In case you come by your own car, our driver will take your car to the place of landing.
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